How can I start?

How can I start?

1. Decide where you want to export

The first step is to understand global markets and the products in demand. This study will help you decide what is the right marketplace for your business in the respective marketplaces.

2. Get the required documentation

Obtain PAN (from Income tax Department) & IEC number (from DGFT). Application for IEC can be filled online directly on DGFT website.

3. Find customers

If you are interested to start an offline export business, you might need to participate in trade fairs in various countries, participate in buyer seller meets, which would cost both time and money. But with Global Selling programmes of different ecommerce platforms, starting an export business is easy and simple. List your products on the marketplaces and take your business across the world.

4. Ship your products

There are a lot of factors concerning logistics & delivery. Timely delivery with no damages not only builds trust for your brand among your buyers but will also be responsible for repeat purchase & increasing referrals of your products.

5. Get paid

Depending on an alignment you have with the buyer, you can decide either to open a bank account in the respective country or collect payments in your Indian bank account. You would need to consult with your financial advisor for this.

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