Why Ecommerce Exports

Why Ecommerce Exports

The Made in India products across various categories are witnessing a great surge in demand in the global markets. This demand spreads across traditional categories like textiles, herbal products & tea to newer sectors like toys, home and kitchen appliances and a lot more. The rising popularity for ‘Made in India’ products has also given rise to many innovative ways that a customer uses the products for, such as customers replacing creamers in coffee with ghee, using printed bed sheets as beach throws or using soap bars as shaving foam.

There are Indian MSMEs which have recognized this opportunity and are already benefiting from the rising demand, helping them create a niche market for themselves. We have seen many examples of Indian businesses across categories that have become globally popular brands in their own categories. More importantly, these businesses have a positive impact downstream on job creation and the economy overall.

The benefits of ecommerce exports are as follows:

  • Expanded customer base:  The sheer size of the global market, the breadth of opportunity, and the headroom to scale have made exports an attractive business opportunity for Indian manufacturers and business-owners for decades. However, supply chain complexities, initial investments, cross-border payments and uncertainty of demand have often meant that the exports business is not for everyone, in the past but now the entry barrier have been reduced  due to ecommerce and Indian MSME can take advantage of export.
  • No bricks and mortar:  In ecommerce exports your business is selling to the world through your online property (your business website) or through an ecommerce platform. In ecommerce an exporter does not have a need to setup a store, there are many examples of people operating ecommerce business from their homes.  The benefits for Indian companies by selling onlineare; you can find new customers in overseas markets, conduct business 24/7, build brand awareness, access new markets in a low-cost manner and monitor real-time sales to understand what customers are searching.
  • Lower marketing costs: An exporter can use various social media tools and SEO optimization available to them to get connected with their customer. There are even customer region specific social media websites which the exporters can use to their advantage for example if your customer is based in Germany you can use XING as support medium as people in Germany generally  use those apps instead of Whatsapp.
  • Streamlined business operations:  The business operation can be streamlined as all business related data like customer data, order data, other business related data is in one place. So, for people managing the business online it becomes easy to operate. For example, if your business is launching a new product you can market it through email campaigns accessing your current customer database.
  • Better customer experience:  The customer gets all the detailed information regarding their order & it also creates a positive experience for customer when they can shop 24/7 through your website and the queries regarding the product are solved immediately. There is also a review system which helps in improvement of the product and many famous brands also use this medium to ask their loyal customers through social media to spread awareness and raise doubts on a lookalike(duplicate) product.

Product Categories that can be sold through e-commerce:

  1. Electronics
  2. Food
  3. Cell Phones & Accessories
  4. Apparels & Textiles
  5. Books
  6. Baby Products
  7. Groceries
  8. Home Décor
  9. Furniture
  10. Jewelry
  11. Bedding & bath
  12. Kitchen & Dining Appliances
  13. Garden & Outdoor
  14. Lighting
  15. Video Games
  16. Arts, Crafts & Sewing (Handicrafts)
  17. Beauty & Personal Care
  18. CDs & Vinyl
  19. Shoes
  20. Computers
  21. Collectibles & Fine Art
  22. Luggage & Travel Gear
  23. Musical Instruments
  24. Office Products
  25. Pet Supplies
  26. Sports & outdoors
  27. Toys & games
  28. Occasional Cards
  29. Gifts & Hampers
  30. Tools
  31. Automotive Parts & Accessories
  32. Movies & TV

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