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India’s First Mass Export Development Program will enable 200,000 first-time exporters, who are ready to enter international markets.
The program being delivered FREE OF COST to eligible enterprises, is structured across three levels with the prime objective to foster export readiness and capacity building of exporters for harnessing India’s export potential of over US $ 300 Billion.


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MSMEs Mentored For Exports

Program Objectives

Empower 200,000 enterprises as first-time exporters

Free Online Course

Increase the share of Indian enterprises in D2C exports

Interior Design

Increase offtake of District as Export Hub, ODOP, CBFTE, MSME Innovative and other schemes


Strengthen the collaboration between government agencies, industry bodies and intermediaries for a conducive export ecosystem

Online Product

Strengthen the collaboration between government agencies, industry bodies, and enterprises for a conducive export ecosystem

Online Product

Benefits for Entrepreneurs

Find out their Product Potential & Identify Target Markets

Plan their export foray and international market entry strategy

Get access to distributors & buyer databases

Receive support for standards, packaging & IP

Promote and Sell, in B2B as well as D2C models in International Markets

Participate in Exhibitions, Buyer Seller Meets and Hosted Buyer Programs

The Program

Level 1

Foundation Program For Export Development

  • Understand the Export Potential of your product
  • Understand your Target market
  • Understand the documentation for logistics and shipping
  • Know about the incentives, government schemes and regulatory matters

Level 2

Sectorial Orientation Program

  • Understand the challenges and opportunities in your sector
  • Familiarize yourself with Quality standards & compliance in your target market
  • Learn about your competitors
  • Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) measures
  • Trade Opportunities through FTA’s with different countries
  • Sector specific duty structures – Tariffs, customs, duties, etc.
  • Sectorial Export Promotion

Level 3

Market Access And Internationalization Program

  • Market Entry Strategies
  • Packaging, IP and Brand development
  • Access to Buyer & Distributor database
  • Access to Service Provider database
  • Participation in export promotion, delegations, exhibitions and buyer - seller meets

Eligibility & Selection Criteria

  • Be registered on UDYAM
  • Have achieved product sales worth at least INR 50 lakhs in any financial year in India
  • Have received quality certifications for their products

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